Christmas Traditions

My special Buckee’s shirt I wear every year to get a tree!

Hello, friends! With Christmas coming at us faster than your kid running toward the cookie you have in your hand, I thought now might be a nice time to talk about the Christmas Traditions we have in our family and maybe give you an idea or two to start some in your own!


A Momzilla’s Sunday.


Hello folks and Happy Sunday! To your left you’ll see the Momzilla in her natural habitat:

Looks like she is three loads of laundry in, wow she better pick up the pace if she’s going to get that pile of dishes from lunch washed in time to dirty them up again for dinner!

Oh, looks folks! Surprise attack from her oldest Sonzilla! He’s overflowed the toilet with his man-sized poops and the bathroom is flooded! Haha, oh Momzilla. You’re going to need so many paper towels and bleach for that!

She did it! Just in time to break up a fight between her young over a super man lego while stepping on other legos! Wow, that is record time thanks to her sharply honed multitasking skills that she’s been forced to develop here in the suburban jungle!


Oh no folks…stay calm and don’t make a sound. Momzilla was just about to sit down for a small rest when she spotted the basket of clean clothes that need to be folded. Her eyes have narrowed, her posture has taken an offensive position. See those clenched claws?!

WOW! Listen to that ROAR!

Alright folks, everyone run for their lives and let’s all hope that she cleans herself up before her husband gets home!!

Until next time!


Christmas Carny

A fancy Christmas carny

Hello, lovelies! The Christmas season is upon us and like everyone else, I am trying to get in the spirit while also being crushed by reality and all of its pressures. Bah Humbug! Ho Ho Ho! (more…)

Cocktail Recipe: Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine

Okay, it’s not really a “cocktail”. But it is warm and flavorful and delicious! There is probably no greater winter-time alcoholic beverage than mulled wine. I said it and I’m not sorry. When it’s wet and cold outside and you’re feeling down or even a little sick with a cold, this drink is the best. It will warm you up all through your chest and the spices will clear your sinuses all while taking the edge off with a little buzz. It’s practically medicinal! Disclaimer: Don’t tell your doctor that I told you to replace your Dayquil with mulled wine. I take no responsibility for this but I will silently support you in your endeavors.

So here we go, let’s get you in the mulling spirit!


Thanksgiving, a Birthday and a Car Crash.


AKA One Wild Week.

Hello, everyone! I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and about as eventful as eating and drinking some wine gets! I don’t know if you all noticed but I didn’t post at all this past week. Oh, I had plans too but fate stepped in and I found myself unable to function in certain areas. Allow me to explain:


Thankful for Teal

Teal me about it. Mom Jokes, FTW!
Teal me about it. Mom Jokes, FTW!

Happy Monday, lovely friends! I’m so excited and ready to be having a short week, I really need a break! And when that break comes with delicious food and fun with family, I am all in.


10 Things No One Tells You About Being a NICU Mom

Me holding Evan in the NICU

When I was pregnant with my oldest son, I read some books on having a healthy pregnancy and what to expect from the birth like all Moms do. They were informative and upbeat and made you feel prepared or at least like you could probably handle this baby thing. You start to picture your beautiful healthy baby and all of the sweet cuddles and memories you’ll share. But what happens when that vision gets off-track?

If you’ve read Brance’s birth story, you know my pregnancy did not go well and as a result, he was born very early.  There were many issues that arose in the NICU that made him a medically complex baby. His stay was hard and long and problems continued even after we went home. His younger brother, Evan, was also born early due to complications with my pregnancy. His stay was not as long or nearly as hard but it came with its own issues and similarities.


I’m a Tweeter!

Hi all! Just a quick post today to let you all that I am now on the Twitter! That’s what the cool kids are calling it nowadays, right? The Twitter? I’m going with it. Anyway, I’d love it if you followed me there! I’m also on FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can click on those to the right (on desktop) or at the bottom. (on mobile) My Twitter:

I hope to see you there! And there! And everywhere!

P.S. Just go ahead and picture this when you read my tweets. It’s accurate.


Just havin a wild night here in my cool beans shirt with my “I’m too lazy to make a real drink” beer. All class, all of the way. Shout out to my cat, Xylie, for making me look extra nuts. 

Until next time!


Book Recommendation: The Snow Child

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Hello, friends! It’s time for another book recommendation! I don’t know about you but something about Winter makes me want to hunker down and tear through some books! And what better book to do that with than a book basically entirely devoted to Winter?

The Snow Child is Eowyn Ivey’s debut novel based on a Russian Fairy tale. It’s set in Alaska in the 1920’s where we meet married couple, Jack and Mabel. Both are in their 40’s and childless. They have come to Alaska from the east coast to start a new life as farmers. But Alaska is proving to be a harsh and unforgiving landscape and Mabel is quickly giving up hope. Jack is close to physically breaking from the relentless work. Then one night in an attempt to relieve some stress and connect to each other through some youthful play, they build a little snow child together. In the morning, the snow child is gone. But they soon spot a beautiful little blonde girl that appears to be living in the woods alone save for a fox that is usually not far from her. She quickly becomes entwined in their lives and suddenly the days don’t seem so long and gloomy for Jack and Mabel. But mystery continues to surround her. Where did she come from? Does she have a family? How does she know how to hunt and survive alone in the wild? And perhaps most importantly, will she stay once the Snow melts away?

I thoroughly enjoyed this author’s debut novel and look forward to reading more from her. Her descriptions of Alaska were beautiful but brutal. She painted her characters with depth and flaws that made them incredibly realistic. I highly recommend you pick up The Snow Child and curl up under your favorite cozy blanket to read this winter tale. I promise you won’t be able to put it down!

Find it here at

Until next time!



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